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Sunday, April 27, 2008


I baked biscotti last night. William and I did the painting of the chocolate atop them today (of course there needs to be triple chocolate, we're not peasants!). Actually spent most of the morning and afternoon with William, reading Nate the Great books and listening to Esme Raji Codell's "Diary of a Fairy Godmother" on audio disc. It is rather silly and most of the humor is aimed at 10 or 12 year olds, so he missed a lot of it. I had a coke with Kevin this evening, my first of the week. I did have an ice tea with lunch on Wednesday, but overall my sugar is way way down. I'm beginning to feel it, but sugar for sugar sake is becoming less appealing. Case in point, the caramel Mars bar I picked up today was hugely unappetizing. It would have required a large coffee, and by that point what are you enjoying?


Berny Hi said...

my partner and i are trying to cut down on coke [soda pop] as well. she came up with a great replacement:
-orange juice with lots of pulp, no preservatives, not from concentrate
-carbonated spring water

it satiates the bubbles-in-my-mouth crave and makes me feel good that most of the ingredients are pretty good for me. or at least not 100% bad like soda pop.

try it out! it's fun and super quick to make... for those of us too busy for truly healthy choices.

Gerald Saul said...

Sounds nice, except that orange juice, and especially the pulpy stuff, does cruel things to me (;)